Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The rotters! They took the weather with them.

Tom & Kay went on a cruise Sunday 23rd and the weather went with them! In fact Joan and I have had to change all our plans. We intended to go to the Gulf coast on Saturday for eight days but due to this being the peak season in Florida, we were advised not to travel there on Saturday as the weekend would be the busiest time, so we returned to Orlando for the weekend with the intention of going to Clearwater on Monday.

Watching the weather forecast on Sunday we realised that rain was forecast for Florida and the Gulf coast was going to get the worst of it, so we changed our plans and decided to stay on the East coast and find a hotel near the beach.  We drove all the way down the coast and found that for most of the way there were no hotels at all! It was mostly private estates of holiday properties. The couple of hotels we stopped at were sort of isolated, so all we would have would be the beach, no restaurants even.

Eventually we reached Stuart where we know the area. We were quite tired by now so rather than continue to drive south in the hope of finding something that suited us we decided to stay here for the week. There are loads of lovely restaurants, lots of shops and a super beach 5 miles away. Ok, not a hotel on the beach, but loads to do.

Thanks to our friends Tom and Kay we already know all the great places to eat and how to get to the beach. As we hoped, the weather has not got as bad as it is on the Gulf plus the temperature will dip today and then go straight back up to 70+ for the rest of our time here. Our hotel is cheaper and the pool is heated and just outside our door, I think we made the right choice.

Of course one thing you can do in any weather is shop, and Joan is a black belt at it. Also we have grandchildren so off we went. Then having had a long argument about just how big they are we Face Time them and discover something, they grew, so next day we were back in the shop changing a couple of things for the next size!

Tomorrow it will be cool enough to walk to the ice cream parlour mmmmmmm.

Lots of love
Joan & Bryan

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