Monday, 27 April 2009

Are they trying to stop us going?

Well having just had a lovely few days in the blazing sunshine with the Oxfordshire Crick's, we set off in the pouring rain for Angela and Paul's. This has to have been the longest journey to Angela's we have ever taken, due to the continuous rain and appauling driving conditions.

We are hearing of this very nasty flue that is sweeping across the world and now they are begining to say don't travel to various places! So how long before they stop the ferries?

It is apparently swine flue and Joan says I can be a swine at times so I am really worried I could be at risk!

Anyway we have a week of visiting friends and relations in London and we sail for "La Belle France" next Monday.
Lots of love
Joan & Bryan

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Here we go again, Yippee!

Actually I am a bit premature because we don't actually start until next Thursday but I needed to reactivate this blog and this was the only spare time I will get for a few days. So, sorry if you have tuned in to read about our latest exploits but tune in again in a week or so and we should be off and running.
Joan & bryan xx