Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Excitement and sadness

...as we count the last couple of days before we set off again but we are really looking forward to it. We will be seeing the children again plus Angela, Jamie & Tim and Stephen & Reena, even although thanks to Jessica's arrival we saw them all quite recently. We look forward to relaxing outside our little van hopefully with a nice glass of something, reading our Kindles. But there's the rub, because we lived so far away from Joseph & Eleanor we missed their early days, although bless her Carole videoed them a lot for us so we were able to catch up. However we live fairly close to Jessica and by going away we will miss those early days too and there has been a remarkable change in her already. Still hopefully Jacq will put her on skype to us from time to time.

Right well that's it, this is really a sort of preamble to make sure the old blog is working alright as if it isn't I can enlist Stephens help before we leave!

Lots of love
Bryan & Joan