Tuesday, 18 March 2014

I got an iPhone! Well every cloud etc.

We slept like two little logs, which was not difficult as the bed was soo comfortable, it was like sleeping on a cloud. We had to try and sort my blooming phone out which had gone into melt down mode and just kept cycling through its turn on then off steps. I am sure it just needed to be attached to a computer and told to behave but it appears to be female and will NOT be told anything.

Having located the repair people and been told all they can do is reset the whole thing so all data is lost, which would not help at all, we opt for the sim being cut down to fit an iPhone as advised by the Apple store. So reluctantly I accepted that I had to buy an iPhone, Yes!!!! Now all we had to do was get it to work outside of the shop which even with their help took two more visits plus downloading the manual.

Next day we went to see Mickey Mouse at Disney world which was very good and very tiring, but it seemed we were back on track. It was the next day that all the upset really hit us and we were just in overload meltdown mode, especially Joan, who suddenly decided she couldn't face another busy day and the I4 was too busy to drive on. It was then that I realised she had been worried sick and got stressed to hell, so we settled for a day just around the heated pool, followed by a short trip to a Thai restaurant and an early night, just what we needed.

We left Orlando and drove at a leisurely pace down to Stuart to meet up with our American friends Tom and Kay. The plan was to find our hotel and ring them, but in the event we could not locate it. It was made doubly difficult as lots of the streets were closed for an arts festival!!! The joke is, after 8 years I actually remembered where they lived, so finally we gave up and drove there. As usual the welcome was very warm and Tom had shoved a cold beer in my hand and a glass of red wine in Joan's, almost as we walked in the door. Just what the doctor ordered.

They then sat us down and produced 4 huge steaks plus baked potatoes and a nice tomato salad with Palm hearts, oregano etc , it was delicious. Then they showed us to our hotel which apparently we had almost found.

 Next day they took us to Shrimpers for lunch which is a nice restaurant we had been to on our last trip here where you sit by the water and watch the Pelicans.  Our mission today is to buy a fishing reel for Joan's brother Jim. Normally we would worry about buying anything for somebody else it's hard enough to buy for Joan! However Jim is such a nice chap it should be ok. So far we have been to 4 Walmart stores where he says they are sold and not found one. Then we discovered that nobody has ever heard of his first choice, plus the other one can be delivered in 7 to 10 days, err we leave on Friday. However Stuart is a sea fishing and boating Mecca so Tom took us to a tackle shop where we got the reel plus it was loaded with the correct line so we feel pretty smug now.

One of the great things about visiting Kay & Tom is they always have a family dinner when we are here and we get to meet up with everyone. That means ten people around a table chatting and laughing. It is the sort of close family who live in the same town,  so what you get is a lot of noise and stories and just a really great loving atmosphere. Plus an amazing Caesar salad made by Tom and several helpings  of a lovely broth type soup made by Kay which is a family tradition and was so filling I didn't want any breakfast. Joan's favourite was the dessert, ice cream with pecans, salted peanuts and fudge sauce!!

Sadly in all the excitement we forgot to take a picture so we could remember everybody.

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