Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Well we're all speaking English but it's too hot to really be England!

Wednesday 25th September

Précis:- We tried to contact Kaye, had a swim and sat around drinking. The end.

Another scorcher and we are hoping to hear from Kaye and get to see her B&B at Oiron. We have contacted her and sort of expect she may turn up here anytime, unfortunately we don't have her number so can only email. The good thing is wifi here is quite reasonable so we can catch up with things and email her again. It's too hot to worry and the pool looks really inviting so in we go for a nice swim.

I'm not sure what else we can do to contact Kaye, let's see what tomorrow brings.

Lots of love
Joan & Bryan xxxx

Kaye's place at last, what a transformation!

Thursday 26th September

Précis:- Joan contacts Gluiness book of records with new record and we finally meet up with Kaye. .

Awoke early to a cloudy sky, is that it for the fine weather we've enjoyed for nearly all of six weeks? Hope not. At last Kaye sends email and is coming at 10am, so Joan says well I'll just check the bank then as we have wifi.

BIG mistake, she goes white as a sheet and her blood pressure hits new all time record high as the screen says you have NO accounts!?!?! After I gently coax her off the ceiling we find a number and call the bank who keep her on hold for nearly 20 minutes. Finally a very pleasant lady apologises for the delay, tells Joan all's well, it is only a software problem and she has 500 more calls to answer!

Kaye arrives and whisks us to the house she has transformed to a really lovely B&B. We are amazed at what she has achieved and are so impressed, it really is amazing. Like all massive jobs like this she has had her drawbacks but it certainly seems to have been worthwhile.

We enjoyed our visit and went off to a lovely little restaurant in an adjacent village for lunch with her son and his young lady. The only down side is it rained for a couple of hours! Time to go home I think, campsite bills paid, a couple more stops and we will be at Angela's on Monday night. Joan just said, "do you realise we've been in shorts ever since we arrived in August?" Oh yes, and it's been great!!!

Lots of love
Bryan & Joan xxxx

Friday 27th September

Précis:- we go to an Aire and fail ordering a glass of wine.

Awoke to thick mist and lots of dripping moisture everywhere, don't get me wrong it hasn't rained it's just Autumnal. We got a nice early start and as we only intend doing a fairly short day unless we hit major road works we will arrive just after lunch. This proved to be true and we pulled into the Aire which is actually the town hall car park just after 3pm which was a bit of a worry as they had a sign up saying it was free from 5pm until 10am,  oops!

As it turned out the whole place was being refurbished so nobody seemed to mind when having been joined by another van we levelled up and got our chairs, wine etc out and sat in the sun. Being outside the town hall we were in the centre of the village and after a pleasant stroll around the various eating establishments we decided where to eat later, plus most important, found where the bakers were for the morning.

That night we went to our selected bistro and I excelled again by ordering Joan a large glass of red wine in French. Then I nipped to the loo and came back to discover a very puzzled Joan sitting with a whole bottle!

Lots of love
Joan & Bryan xxxx