Saturday, 22 March 2014

Still in Stuart getting fatter!

We say getting fatter because everyday Kay or Tom would say, hey today were going to this great place and it was, and the food was amazing plus of course the company was great. They have some fantastic Seafood restaurants in and around Stuart and we tried quite a few of them.

If we ate at a restaurant at lunchtime we often had our evening meal at their house and Tom made some really great salads. One night we wanted to get a taxi so as not to worry about having a drink, but Tom insisted on picking us up and taking us back which was really good of him as our hotel was about 6 miles away. He continued to do this from then on. It's not that I drink a lot but they have a zero tolerance of drink driving and I'd had enough contact with the authorities thanks.

They were preparing for their cruise and had some other prior arrangements so although we saw a lot of them every day, we had some "Us" time as well.  One day we spent some time at the pool and another we went to a lovely beach, where we intended to have a swim but the waves were just far too dangerous.

On Thursday late afternoon we went to a Mexican restaurant called Guanabana's near a place called Jupiter and it was fantastic. We ate and drank far too much as before six o'clock food and drinks were half price. Google it and see how amazing the place is.

They persuaded us to stay an extra night so Joan could go for a manicure and pedicure with Kay on the day we had planned to leave. This also gave us time to enjoy their amazing ice cream shop which I took full advantage of! Then about 4.30pm we went to spend our last evening together. They fed us again, plus we met their very nice neighbours who we had met about 8 years ago when we visited them. It turned out they had been at the same restaurant as us last night but we didn't see each other. I think they hid.

 You would think they were fed up with us by now but Kay and Tom urged us to come back for our last two nights for a final visit on our way to Miami to get our plane. Who could refuse? Certainly not us, so we booked our room before we left today, Saturday 22nd.

After a very restful time a little drama was well overdue and we managed to inflict some on ourselves  with ease! Because rooms are at a premium on the Gulf coast we decided to go there via Orlando after the weekend. Joan was going to buy me a better Apple  iphone, yippee! By now we know where to go and made the journey with ease, parked and went to the Apple store. We met the same young lady we had dealt with before and spent a couple of hours chatting and getting the phone.

When we left we could not locate our car! The temperature was in the low 80's and we are desperately searching the rows and rows of cars. It's very boring and complicated why this happened but suffice to say it wasn't our fault and we did finally find it after 30 minutes.  However not until Joan had lost several pounds!!!! But she didn't freak out, bless her.

Bryan & Joan

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