Friday, 4 April 2014

They're back and so is the sun!

Although the weather has been a wee bit off we have still managed to sit around the pool and have a swim every day and the food around here is amazing so we haven't suffered. Well with the possible exception of our waistlines!!!

Still we did manage to continue to have the occasional disaster, which hopefully prevents this blog from being completely boring throughout. like when Joan came back from breakfast and I saw her earring lying on her pillow. We spent the next hour stripping the bed and moving the furniture to find the gold back thing. I said let's just get a new pair and then we'll find it so we bought her a new pair and two days later as predicted I found it, sod's law.

In an effort to make the most of our last week we went to  Stuart beach, a lovely stretch of sand on the Atlantic Ocean. The weather was perfect and although the sea was a little lively, nevertheless we ventured in for a plodge (Geordie for paddle). I was very surprised that the water was quite warm and decided to go in further to have a swim. (Ok so I needed a pee).

What happened next was with hindsight, totally predictable. We were jumping over the larger breakers, when Joan shouted "Bryan, mind your glasses!"  I decided she was right and started to get out. At this point the sea picked me up, whipped off my glasses and threw me back on the beach. It then swept a huge wave over me in an attempt to drown me I think or to distract me whilst making off with my spec's. Either way I ended up being hauled upright by a very concerned Joan, spluttering and coughing. Me not her.

Fortunately I had a pair of prescription sun glasses in the car, but that night I had to drive back from the restaurant with a pair of Joan's PINK reading glasses. Being America, finding someone to make a pair of bi-focal glasses virtually while you wait, was not a problem, so we did. I got an eye test, and two pairs of really nice glasses for £140, marvellous. So that was ok.

Obviously now all will be fine for the last couple of days, err, no.

Kay & Tom organised a barbecue with their next door neighbours and they produced some really delicious burgers and side salads. It was just lovely sitting outside chatting and drinking in temperatures around 75 deg. Sadly all good things etc and we arrived at our last day together. We started with a trip to the beach, but kept well clear of the water. Basically because there were flags flying to indicate dodgy sea life and dangerous rip currents, plus of course my glasses were new. On enquiring we learned it could be anything from sharks to jelly fish that sting. Then back for some last minute packing.

Tom bless him, insisted on driving so I could enjoy some wine without worrying about drink driving. We started at a very nice waterside bar, then went on to a lovely restaurant. Finally we drove to Stuart old town where the ice cream shop was still open and just sat outside eating the most wonderful ice creams that taste divine. It is impossible to describe just how yummy these ices are, and they make something like 30 different flavours mmmmmmmmm!

So, it was finally time to say goodbye, the time we had all been together was marvellous but we were missing home, it was time to go. That didn't make it easy though and there were a few wet eyes in Stuart that night.

The next day having told me NOT to get up too early, as I always do on the day we travel, Joan awoke at 5am! She had managed to check in on line last night so all we needed to do was get to the airport by about 1.30pm. About 11.30 we were going around the airport again having missed the exit for the rented car return, thank God we were early.

So there we are, nothing can possibly go wrong now, the bags are checked and we just need to get through customs and security. Err, well actually it can, somehow my belt vanished so I spent the rest of our journey home ensuring I didn't lose my trousers!

Finally our good friends Pam & Colin, reliable as ever, met us and took us home, plus Pam provided some delicious home made scones and a pint of milk. So here we are enjoying a lovely cuppa and Pam's scones with a nice layer of butter on top.

So thats it, hopefully this has not been too boring to read, I enjoyed writing it anyway. It is my attempt to put into words what a wonderful time we have had. The perfect holiday, good food, wonderful friends and lovely warm weather.

Lots of love
Bryan & Joan xxxx

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Ken said...

Pleased to see you are home safe and sound. Life is never boring where you are concerned Bryan! Look forward to seeing you both. K & K